Audio Branding - Creating a strong brand identity

Audio Branding

Audio branding (sonic branding, sound branding) can set a game apart from the competition. A strong product or brand should not only be visually recognizable but also auditorily. Audio branding creates an auditory identity. The first chord of a particular song is then associated directly with a specific game.

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Harlem Shake contains uncleared samples

Harlem Shake - Uncleared Samples

The Harlem Shake by producer and writer Baauer features unlicensed samples. These uncleared samples belong to reggaeton artist Hector Delgado and rapper Jayson Musson. Considering that the Harlem Shake has been a viral number 1 hit on charts all around the world this copyright infringement could cost Baauer and his label Mad Decent dearly. The uncleared samples form a central part of the song, and Delgado and Musson are seeking compensation. Using the samples without permission illustrates the ignorance that still exists regarding copyrights and sample clearance in the dance music community.

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